Mackey Mountain Area, NC?  

TOPIC: Mackey Mountain area?

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Date: Mon, Mar 17 2008 3:47 pm
From: JamesRobertSmith

This weekend I went on a hike from Curtis Creek Campground (Pisgah
National Forest--near Old Fort, NC) to the summit of Green Knob (off
the Blue Ridge Parkway with a view of the Black Mountains). While
there, one of my hiking companions told me that one of the mountains
we could see from the rocky summit called Snooks Nose had a lot of old
growth forest on it (Mackey Mountain). Unfortunately, some of it old
growth hemlock.

Have any of you been into the Mackey Mountain Backcountry? There are,
I'm told, some really nice groves of old growth trees. I'm thinking of
going in there again when time permits, especially if there are some
trees worth seeking out.

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Date: Mon, Mar 17 2008 8:48 pm
From: James Parton

James Smith,

This one is on my list too. I cannot remember right off who it is but
there is an ent who has done a detailed report on that area. It is a
steep rugged hike but would be well worth it. If my memory is right,
Robert Messick found the largest tulip poplar in PNF known to date in
that area. This one along with a hike in the Craggy/Coleman boundary
area and another up to Mt Celo in the Blacks are high on my list this
year. I also plan a visit to Congaree National Park as well.

Which trail into Middle Prong Wilderness do you use? They are
several. I often hike nearby Graveyard Fields and Shining Rock but I
have never done Middle Prong.

James Parton

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Date: Tues, Mar 18 2008 5:34 pm
From: JamesRobertSmith

I took the Mountains to Sea Trail into Middle Prong, then caught the
Green Knob Trail. Out and back. I spent two days, one night in there
alone. Very peaceful and very beautiful.

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Date: Tues, Mar 18 2008 6:32 pm
From: Josh

J.P. --- Rob found the site (Laurel Knob), which is not on Mackey
Mountain, and I found the tree. The Clear Creek watershed is the place
to go for big trees (and intense Rhodo surfing) on Mackey. Most of
Mackey has scrubby and ancient chestnut oaks. Cool place.