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TOPIC: The Joy Pine

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Date: Wed, Apr 30 2008 9:46 pm
From: James Parton


Today I did a short visit to the woods of the Kellogg Conference Center. I came mainly to measure a large White Pine that Will & I missed back in December. I call it the " Joy " Pine after my beloved wife whose picture I took with the tree last summer. It was actually a challenge for me to measure. I could not find a place where I could see both the top and base of the tree at once. I remembered how Will used a tape wrapped around the Mountain Mama pine above head level with it trailing down to the ground so he could use it to measure what he could not see. He sighted on the tape with the laser. Using this trick I measured the Joy pine to 133.34 feet tall. I was hoping for 140+ but, oh well. It was 9' 1' 1/4" in girth.

Joy_Pine.JPG (122385 bytes)
 Joy Pine
Joy_Rudnick.jpg (95093 bytes)
 Joy Parton

I also found a massive slow to taper Pitch Pine which measured out to a whopping 100.52 feet tall and was 7' 7" in girth.

PitchPine_Base.JPG (73293 bytes)
 Tall Pitch Pine
Tall_PitchPine.JPG (85478 bytes)

After that is was then to work I went. It was soooo hard to leave those woods.

James Parton