Kellogg Center's Rudnick Trail, NC  James Parton
  Dec. 2, 2007

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Date: Sun, Dec 2 2007 6:15 pm
From: James Parton

Danny, ENTS,

Nice pines!, Looks familiar.. Will Blozan & I went on a " pine hunt "
today at the Kellogg Center's Rudnick Nature Trail here in
Hendersonville NC. We found two white pines over 140 feet tall and
several around 3ft in diameter. One giant was nearly 5ft in diameter,
but was not that tall & branched near the ground. 

James_Kellogg_White_Pine.jpg (143641 bytes) Joy_Rudnick_WPa.jpg (95093 bytes)

Also a nice pitch pine was found that was 119 feet tall. Several Virginia pines 
over 100 feet tall were found also. I am sure Will will post the measurements
soon & I have not had time to check out my pics yet. I will upload one
taken back during the summer to the file upload page.

James P.