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TOPIC: Lake Julian Park, Arden/Skyland NC 

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Date: Mon, Nov 17 2008 4:05 pm
From: James Parton

I have just completed one of the largest measuring outings I have done for ENTS. It took 5 individual trips and is of the woods surrounding Lake Julian on the outskirts of Asheville NC in the Arden/Skyland area.

Lake Julian is a decent sized lake of about 300 acres or so and was created to cool the Progress Energy ( Then CP&L ) coal powerplant that is located on one shore of the lake. The lake was created in 1963. Progress Energy leases land on the lake to the Buncombe County Parks & Recreation for entertainment purposes.  
The lake has been a favorite fishing spot of mine since the early 1980s and I have spent many hours on the shore and in boats fishing. I had never really thought about checking out the woods near the lake until after I moved close by. These are about as close as " home woods " as I can get.


I explored 4 sections of forest near the lake ( See satillite image ). Section one is on the hothole side of the lake near Heywood rd. Section two is the old lake Julian campground. Section 3 is on the main side of the lake on the right just past the trestle bridge. Section four is the main part of the park itself on the other side of the lake along Old Shoals rd. The white arrows mark these areas. Dark blue arrows on the map mark future areas I would like to explore. The dark green one marks my home.
I will now discribe the outings, section at a time.
Section one.
Located along the back section of the lake near Heywood Rd & Old Shoals Rd. This is a mixed forest of hardwoods & conifers. Various oaks & tuliptrees dominate along with white pine and pitch pine. Maples, sourwood and Virginia pine are present also. American holly is common in the understory but slightly less common than in the other three sections.
Compared to the other sections it had the tallest tree measured. A 135.64ft White Pine. I found no tree reaching 10 feet in girth. This section was measured last August.
White Pine   7' 6" cbh        100.25ft.
Pitch Pine    5' 3/4" cbh      95.06ft
White Pine   8' 1 1/2" cbh   98.81ft
White Pine   9' 1/2" cbh      135.64ft!
Pitch Pine    4' 5" cbh         76.41ft
Tuliptree       7' 2" cbh         96.00ft
Section 2.
The campground picnic area.

  12ft 4 in White Oak

I really did not expect to find much in the way of large trees here but I was pleasantly surprised. The oaks, which lost out in size to the white pines in section 1 really competed here. One specimen measured over 13 feet in girth and another over 100 feet tall! The white pines also were outstanding here, one reaching over 120 feet tall. I found several large white pine stumps and was able to get a ring count from one of them. These trees have been cut down in the last two years. The ring count was 84 years in a stump just over a yard in diameter. The oldest trees here may date between 100-110 years judging by the this ring count, that is if they grew at a similar rate. Holly is common on the lakeshore.
White Oak    13' 4" cbh        101.54ft!
White Oak    11' 9" cbh         97.38ft
White Pine   10' 8 1/2" cbh   98.78ft.  Massive reiteration and large branch stubs.
Larch?          5' 6" cbh          50.90ft
White Oak    12' 4" cbh        90.03ft
White Pine    10' 8" cbh       123.51ft!
White Pine    11' 0" cbh       115.60ft!
White Pine     9' 5" cbh

Section 3.
Past trestle bridge on right.

Section 3
The forest here is similar to section one but the trees are a bit bigger overall. Tuliptree is a bit more numerous. Black cherry and some decent hickories are present in addition to other hardwoods such as oak. American Holly is a very common understory tree. Some with bright red berries. I thought at first I might have found a near-record pitch pine but it came up short. But still it came up a nice tree. A tall Virginia pine leaning up close to it plus the pines rounded top made finding the highest point difficult but I think I got at least close. The tree was just over 96 feet tall. Section 3 had more trees over 100 feet than any of the other sections I measured.
Tuliptree            6' 5 1/2" cbh        112.14ft
Tuliptree           10' 11" cbh ( MT )
White Pine        6' 6" cbh              100.52ft
Pitch Pine         7' 6" 1/2" cbh        96..17ft!
White Pine        7' 5" cbh              115.11ft
American Holly  2' 3" /2" cbh         34.17ft
White Pine        8' 2" cbh              108.58ft    Broken Top.
Hickory             5' 5" cbh              101.76ft
Section 4
Lake Julian Park. Long Shoals
Over the years this area has been thinned of a lot of trees. Oaks and white pine dominate. Most of the whites are rather small in size but some are pretty tall for their girths. Two hemlocks were found. Both were healthy. I suspect they have been treated. Will maybe? Holly is everywhere. Some very laden and very red with berries. The park officials really must love hollies. So do I!

American Holly
Of the trees I measured, only one topped 100ft. A tuliptree. One of the numerous oaks may top 100 also.
White Oak            8' 10 3/4" cbh    87.74ft
Shortleaf Pine       6' 0" cbh            82.89ft
American Holly     2' 10" cbh          38.76ft
White Pine           4' 9 1/2" cbh       95..00ft
Eastern Hemlock  2' 2" cbh            44.58ft     Healthy!
White Pine           4' 7" cbh            89.91ft
White Oak           7' 8" cbh ( MT ) 
Tuliptree              6' 6 1/4" cbh       104.57ft
American Holly    2' 9" cbh             40.03ft
Sections two through four were done in the last two weekends. Section one was done last August. It seemed odd doing anything else at Lake Julian besides fishing!
James Parton 

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Date: Mon, Nov 17 2008 6:05 pm
From: "Will Blozan"


Nice work! I remember dropping a huge white pine at Lake Julian back in
1992. I "tape dropped" it to 125 feet with a tree climbing rope. Diameter
was 44" and I stripped the limbs and topped the tree before felling the
trunk. The stub was felled whole and stood ~ 95 feet tall. It had rained
heavy for several days and the ground was saturated so when the trunk hit
the ground a shock wave of saturated soil passed through the ground and
"bumped" me through the ground. It was the weirdest sight to see a wave move
through the soil. This was the second time this happened to me. Once in
Maryland while taking town a huge tuliptree, I flipped a huge chunk out of
the tree which landed flat as a pancake. From my aerial perspective I saw
the shockwaves radiate outwards through the soil and shake the surrounding
vegetation. The ground crew commented on the jolt they felt through the
earth. The log was winched out of the ground as it had sunk about 40% of the
diameter. We had a heck of a time fixing the crater.

If you are in Arden I suggest you spend some time on the walking trials at
Biltmore Park. I was cruising thru there looking for hemlocks to treat and
spotted some really nice VA pines and shortleaf. The tallest Trident maple I
have seen was in there and roughed out over 110'. Nice stuff deserving of a
look now that leaves are off.

Will F. Blozan

President, Eastern Native Tree Society
President, Appalachian Arborists, Inc.

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Date: Tues, Nov 18 2008 1:15 am
From: James Parton


Where did you drop that pine? I would guess that it was at the
campground area. Several big stumps are there testifying of the trees
lost. I did not realize that some of them had been gone that long
though. What was the reason they had them cut down. The area was
prettier with them.

Over the years the lake has lost a lot of trees. Development on the
shoreline opposite the powerplant really shows this. Part of the
campground was once located there and now it is businesses that are
located there. The main part of the park itself on Long Shoals as also
had a high percentage of trees cut. I just don't understand it. The
whole Arden/Skyland area has really been developed over the last 20
years. Depressingly so. Long Shoals rd should be called Long Shoals
Highway! Not only has the trees been hurt along the lake but the
available land to fish from around the lake has been reduced about 50
percent. Catfish had no keeper limit but due to more people fishing
the lake the limit is now six fish. Times change.

I know what one of those shockwaves feel like. A big tuliptree was cut
down about 400 feet from my old home in Dana. It shook the whole house
when it hit the ground.

Where is Biltmore Park?

James P.

TOPIC: Lake Julian Park, Arden/Skyland NC

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Date: Mon, Nov 24 2008 5:18 pm
From: "Will Blozan"


Yep, the tree was felled near a shelter or something like it.

Will F. Blozan
President, Eastern Native Tree Society
President, Appalachian Arborists, Inc.

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Date: Tues, Nov 25 2008 1:07 am
From: James Parton


There is a big pine stump near the bathroom building. I remember that
tree. It was quite large. Did you record the circumference or

James P.

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Date: Tues, Nov 25 2008 3:26 am
From: "Will Blozan"

"...Diameter was 44" and I stripped..."

Will F. Blozan
President, Eastern Native Tree Society
President, Appalachian Arborists, Inc.