Eastern red cedars, Candler, NC   Will Blozan
  May 07, 2005 09:47 PDT 

How timely the discussion on red cedar heights! I measured one yesterday in
Candler, NC that was 7'1" X 85.4' tall. This is the tallest specimen I have
ever seen, and truthfully, the only red cedar I have ever measured. They are
native but extremely rare here in Western NC. This tree was in a front yard
of a very old house. Could this be an ENTS height record?

Will B


From: Jess Riddle 
Sent: Friday, May 06, 2005 8:54 AM
Subject: Re: Delaware Water Gap (cedar)

Eastern red cedar may be a shorter lived but longer lived species in the
southeast. They grow well around the edges of piedmont floodplains in SC
where I've measured them up to 4'9" x 80.7'. Rocky, limestone slopes at the
edge of the Cumberland Plateau in the northwest corner of Georgia also
produce good habitat for the species. On those sites, they still associate
with some typically floodplain species, such as green ash and shumard oak,
and reach at least 6'0" x 84.3'.