Douglas Falls?   James Smith
  Jul 01, 2007 11:37 PDT 

Does anyone know if some of the grove of old hemlocks along the Douglas
Falls Trail (off the Blue Ridge Parkway below Craggy Pinnacle) have been
treated with imadacloprid? I ask this because when I visited there a few
months ago, the trees seemed to be in pretty good health. One hiking
friend told me that he's seen a marked improvement in the appearance of
the hemlocks there. This makes me suspect that the trees (at least the
ones closest to the trail) have been treated. Having seen the sorry
state of the hemlocks just a few miles away (in some cases just a few
hundred yards away), I'm suspicious.

At any rate, perhaps there should be some way of posting a list of areas
that have been treated so that others don't go and repeat treatment.
RE: Douglas Falls?   Joshua Kelly
  Jul 02, 2007 21:17 PDT 


there was a release of Psasajiscymnus tsugae (sp.?) there for the past two
years. I have asked Linda Randolph, the responsible official, to consider
treating at Douglas and Walker Falls with Zenith, and her reply was, "We
already did a beetle release". Hopefully, if enough folks call Pisgah
National Forest and demand that at least a small grove be treated
chemically, just in case (since predator beetles haven't worked yet), the
Forest Service will preserve some of that amazing grove.

As an aside: I came across a grove of hemlocks at Shinbone Creek in
Mitchell County last week that has trees that rival those at Douglas Falls.
The overall forest is not as impressive, but individuals are. This grove is
also in good shape and deserves at least a beetle release.

Just back from some killer Rhodo surfing at Raven Fork,
RE: Douglas Falls?   Will Blozan
  Jul 03, 2007 06:30 PDT 

Josh and ENTS,

Quality Forward, an organization here in Asheville concerned with
environmental issues and particularly HWA, contacted the USFS with chemical
and volunteers in hand to treat parts of Douglas Falls. Their efforts were
refused due to the "success" of the beetles. When asked for results of a
survey or study regarding the beetles, the response was something like,
"Look for yourself".

RE: Douglas Falls?   James Smith
  Jul 03, 2007 17:08 PDT 

I have to say, from looking at the grove myself...the trees looked
pretty healthy a few months ago. I haven't seen them this summer,
though. And one friend who does frequent the area tells me that he has
seen a marked improvement in the grove, with new growth and more

My own suspicion is that some enterprising folk have visited the grove
and treated the hemlocks with imadacloprid.

RE: Douglas Falls?
  Jul 03, 2007 18:30 PDT 

The trees look better? Hmmm. Very interesting. They must have used those new OTT beetles. The FS people must be gloating over their apparent success.
Re: Douglas Falls?   Edward Frank
  Jul 06, 2007 01:27 PDT 


If the Forest Service is having success with beetle releases, then we should
all be happy. What I have seen however is that the populations of the
predatory insects decrease dramatically from one year to the next. In most
cases there is no examples found from the previous years release the
following year. If the predatory beetle in this case can maintain its
population numbers the following year and spread to nearby groves, Great!
We will need to wait and see.

Ed Frank