Cullusaja Colossus', NC   Will Blozan
  Nov 01, 2005 16:55 PST 

Jess and I measured the "Cullusaja Colossus" white pine today and used the
Bushnell for diameters. We both feel this tree will "smoke" the Corn Planter
like a corncob pipe. The tree starts at over 15' @ 2', 13'10" at BH, drops
to 12'8" (taped) at around 10' then continues straight for 25 feet or so,
then gets BIGGER (13'+) for another 15'-20' section. I measured the height
from widely different angles and got 160.9' and 162'. Long spread was- get
ready- 78'!!!


Will and Jess
RE: Smaller pines, better mode--l BIGGUN'   Will Blozan
  Nov 05, 2005 05:06 PST 


Unfortunately I did not have my camera but will return to get some shots.
Viewed from all directions it definitively has a larger girth as you go up.
Jess and I feel this is due to several huge limbs that originate (two have
broken) above the swell. Above the huge limbs the trunk turns more conical.

78' is the longest lateral spread.

Should have some cubage reports later tonight. FYI- the Bushnell diameter
for the taped section at 10.5' up was 12.4' versus 12.67' as measured with a
tape. Less than an inch off!