Charlotte Urban Trees, NC  

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Date: Thurs, Nov 8 2007 1:07 pm
From: JamesRobertSmith

As a letter carrier I sometimes get to see some really big trees on
private lots inside the city limits. One day I was carrying part of a
route for a co-worker who was out sick and in a neighborhood where I'd
never been. It was in a very upscale neighborhood and as I got to a
particular home I noted that the back yard had several extremely tall
trees. From comparison with trees that I've seen that have been
measured, these were well over 120 feet tall. Not sure of the species,
save that one was a poplar, the other two perhaps some type of
hickory? I've been thinking of going back and asking for details from
the home owner.

Also lots of nice big oaks and poplars all around the zip code where I
deliver mail. Nothing of champion caliber, but really nice trees. I've
been thinking of photographing them and posting them at ENTS, mainly
because so many of them are so symetrically pleasing to look at.

In the past year I've started to look for hemlocks in folks' yards and
have found quite a few, all of which are adelgid free, as Charlotte is
well separated from the areas of infestation. One died this past
month, but I suspect from drought, as it was not infested with hwa.

TOPIC: The National Champion Live Oak, The Seven Sisters

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Date: Wed, Nov 21 2007 7:03 pm
From: "Edward Frank"


Take a camera with you and photograph some of these trees. I have actually
been encouraging the local garden club here to have a big tree competition
this spring in which the biggest or most unusual trees in the city of DuBois
would have their photos published in the local paper. The exploration of
urban trees is certainly worthwhile. many of the largest specimens of many
species are from urban settings or at least private estates rather than in a
forest setting.

Ed Frank