The Brooklet Oak   James Parton
  Sep 18, 2007 22:21 PDT 


Has anyone seen the Brooklet Oak? It is an impressive oak ( A red oak, I
think ) located on Brooklet Street behind the parking garage. Brooklet
street is located in front of the St. Joseph campus of Memorial Mission
Hospital here in Asheville N.C. Mom told me about it after noticing how
big it was as seen from inside the parking garage as she was going to a
Dr. visit. Later I went back with her and visited the tree. It was quite
impressive. It is close to 5' dbh! It is not impressively tall but still
of fair height. Sometimes large or unusual trees can be found outside of
a forested area. Even in a city.

James Parton
RE: The Brooklet Oak   Will Blozan
  Sep 19, 2007 03:51 PDT 


I have not measured it but I know of it. Quality Forward, an environmental
group in Asheville, had a big tree contest a few years ago. I visited every
tree and measured them in all conventional dimensions (Girth, height,
spread). The Brooklet Oak was not on the contender list but is an impressive
tree- especially considering where it is growing! I'm am not sure how it

RE: The Brooklet Oak   James Parton
  Sep 19, 2007 08:04 PDT 


My mother lived in that area for a little while when growing up. Back
when it was all houses there. Before the parking garage and Dr buildings
were there. Of course, St. Joseph's across the street was there. She
said the tree has been there as long as she can remember, but said it
has grown some over the years. I have no idea how old the tree is, but
mom is 60. Did you get the picture of the oak I sent to your address?

I wonder if Quality Forward has a website? I will have to look.

James Parton