TOPIC: Smokies!

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Date: Thurs, Nov 15 2007 4:03 am
From: "Gary A. Beluzo"


Definately get in touch with Will Blozan, Jess Riddle, Mike Davies
about trees in the Smokies..they are awesome dudes!

For the family don't miss the following:

Albright Nature Trail (easy hike to see old growth tulip forest)
Porter Creek Trail (old growth forest, easy walking for kids)
Ramsey Cascades (my favorite trail to highest waterfall (cascades
actually) in the Park); challenging for kids
Cades Cove (animals, animals, animals) and surrounding area has old
growth; Abrams Falls easy hike with lots to see)
"Dead Beat Petes" (awesome family restaurant in Townsend near Cades
Cove; Mexican Food, cool atmosphere)
Gatlingburg, TN (family probably will like, you might hate, tourist
trap, $$$ black hole)
New Found Gap Road (only road OVER the Smokies, lots of vistas and
opportunities to hike short trails to high elevation spruce OG forest)
Rainbow Falls (awesome if you catch it late afternoon- 2 hours before
dusk might catch rainblow at falls.) easy-moderate trail
Clingmans Dome (to see decimation of the Smokies by anthropogenic
forces; but nice views)
Cataloochie Valley (reintroduced Elk and lots of big trees...many dead
howeve, may be depressing)
Elkmont Campground (you are about 5 months too late for the
"synchronous firefly" event) many easy trails for kids

"Day Hikes of the Smokies" is good for family; check out the
Sugarlands Visitors Center when you get there for a quick orientation.

So many trails and little time!

Enjoy the Smokies, we go every mid April to see the wildflowers,
measure trees, and get rejuvenated in all that biodiversity and
flowing water!


On Nov 15, 2007, at 12:29 AM, JamesRobertSmith wrote:

> My wife and son and I are going to be staying at the Elkmont
> Campground for four days, starting Thursday.
> If anyone here is in the neighborhood, feel free to stop by. I'm
> hoping to get some hiking in, maybe bushwhack to the summit of Mount
> Mingus, weather permitting. I also wouldn't mind a bushwhack to the
> Mill Creek Monster if anyone who knows how to get there wants to show
> up to guide me. Not sure what campsite we'll get, but we'll likely
> have the only Casita trailer there. Very small white fiberglass
> trailer. We'll be wherever they allow generators, preferably by the
> river.