Sag Branch and the Boogerman Pine   Will Blozan
  Jan 17, 2007 17:18 PST 

Great day today! My crew wrapped up a 35 acre hemlock conservation area on
Sag Branch in Cataloochee, NC, GRSM. The treatments ended in a grove
encompassing the "Compass Pine", one of the rare 180' white pines. I
measured it to 181.1' tall, slightly less than a few years ago. I attribute
the difference to equipment since my range finder at the time was reading
long. We decided to head up the stream to see the Sag Branch Tuliptree, and
then hook up with the Boogerman Loop Trail to see the Boogerman Pine. On the
way we stopped to measure a hemlock Jess had spotted during previous
treatments. This young tree came out to a very impressive 164.3'. A few
coves upstream we came to the utterly huge tuliptree which looks great. At
the end of the trail we stopped to remeasure the Boogerman Pine. A dead
solid shot put it at 187.6' tall, up .5 feet since Darian Copiz measured it
in 2005. This tree looks great and has distinguishable candles of new
growth. I'll send some new photos to Ed.

Will Blozan
RE: FW: Sag Branch and the Boogerman Pine   Will Blozan
  Jan 18, 2007 06:26 PST 


The Boogerman has not perceptibly grown in girth for a decade. I have the
tree marked now so the diameter is measured at the exact same point.