Hurricane Creek Michael Davie
Jul 04, 2003 18:39 PDT 
Hello all-

Also a few weeks ago I went up Hurricane Creek in Cataloochee again, and before it rained I got up another side branch, not too much up there. I did find one very nice hemlock, 15'8" in circumference, with some swell but fairly massive. On the best shot I could get of the top I ended up with 146.5 feet. Up the side drainage was typical Cataloochee hemlock, at the very top a small area of tuliptree- hemlock. One hemlock was 14'8" and in the upper 140's, I think. Every tree I tried to measure was really packed in tight. One tuliptree looked pretty tall, I had to shoot it in two parts, I doubt I got the true top, and I got 155.5 feet. The girth was 11'10".