GSMNP Drainage Basins Jess Riddle

In the list below, I'm using the greater than symbol, ">", to mean
"flows into", "is a tributary of", or "is in the following

Alum Cave Bluff Trail>Alum Cave Creek>Walker Camp Prong>West Prong
Little Pigeon River

Bald Top Ridge>Greenbrier

Baxter Creek>Big Creek

Bennett Branch>Cataloochee

Bettis Branch>Big Creek

Big Creek>Big Creek

Bradley Fork>Oconaluftee River

Cannon Creek>Porters Creek>Greenbrier

Lowes Creek>Porters Creek>Greenbrier

Cataloochee Creek>Cataloochee

Chasteen Creek>Bradley Fork>Oconaluftee River

Collins Creek>Oconaluftee River


Chestnut Branch Trail>Chestnut Branch>Big Creek

Deep Creek>Deep Creek

Dude Branch>Little Cataloochee Creek>Cataloochee Creek>Cataloochee

Dunn Creek>Greenbrier (kind of)

Hen Wallow Creek>Cosby

Hurricane Creek>Rough Fork>Cataloochee

Jim Branch>Rough Fork>Cataloochee

Leatherwood Branch>Big Creek

Long Branch>Porters Creek>Greenbrier

Mouse Creek>Big Creek

Maddron Bald Trail>Cosby

Mckee Branch>Caldwell Fork>Cataloochee

Porters Creek>Greenbrier

Pretty Hollow Creek>Palmer Creek>Cataloochee

Rocky Face Mountain>Cosby

Sag Branch>Caldwell Fork>Cataloochee

Dancing Branch>Deep Creek

Sterling Ridge>divide between Cataloochee and Big Creek. All of the
trees measured were on the Big Creek (north) side.

Kilby Branch>Big Creek

Den Branch>Caldwell Fork>Cataloochee

Webb Creek>Greenbrier (kind of)

Winding Stairs Branch>Cataloochee

I'm still working on how to treat Bible Creek, and Clingmans Dome.