Greenbier Poplar   James Smith
  Dec 17, 2006 18:34 PST 

Do any of you know if this poplar still lives?

I found this photo online by a 30s-era photographer who specialized in
the Smokies. Roth.
RE: "Greenbier Poplar"   Will Blozan
  Dec 18, 2006 05:40 PST 


Yes it is alive. However, from 90 degrees to either direction it is clearly
a twin. It is just under 9 feet in "diameter".

RE: "Greenbier Poplar"   Will Blozan
  Dec 21, 2006 16:04 PST 

Try this:

The tree can be seen from the trail but looks like two medium sized tulips
close together from a distance. The east leader has just broken out so look
for a broken stem.