Dude Branch, and a hickory   Michael Davie
  Nov 23, 2003 19:12 PST 
Today I went for a hike along Long Bunk Trail out of Little Cataloochee in GRSMNP, I wanted to check out a few parts of Dude Branch I hadn't seen. Overall, the forest was beautiful, with an open understory and many good-sized northern red oaks, sugar maples, black and yellow birch, buckeye, and tuliptree. For the most part, though, nothing outstanding size-wise, but for a few exceptions (at least that I measured). In an old field area, I measured one black locust about 4 feet in circumference to 125.9. Okay... 

In an area of older trees, on a tuliptree 19' 5", I got 171.7 feet tall. I thought it might be one that Will Blozan and I had measured many years ago, but I'm not sure, the area looks different than my recollection. It's a beautiful tree. If I had calculated and realized the height there, I would have tried for a couple more shots. Later I nearly missed one hophornbeam right by the trail, 4' 2" circumference. From one spot I got 72.5 feet, but I felt I couldn't see it, I moved and got another shot, and got 81.9 feet. I was pretty surprised by this. Not many numbers, but pretty good ones.

Yesterday I went back to remeasure the pignut hickory in Swannanoa that I had measured recently. The light was good, the shots were good, and I had someone at the base with a reflector. The circumference is 11'2". From one shot I got 161.75, very close to the other measurements I had. I moved around, and saw what looked to be a higher point, and shot up a few times and saw that it was reading farther, so I found a good spot in the middle of a multiflora rose bush to measure from, and got 166.95. That's crazy tall. I think this warrants a tape drop, owner permitting. I'll keep y'all posted.

Re: Dude Branch, and a hickory   dbhg-@comcast.net
  Nov 24, 2003 04:02 PST 


   Dude Branch held some sure enough real secrets. The 81.9-foot hop hornbeam is now the eastern record. You got to it first. Congratulations. The 19.5-foot around 171+ foot tall tuliptree is a heck of a find. Wow! The pignut hickory is in another universe. Mike, you've got to get out more often. As Bob Van Pelt might say, "Dude, your finds are awesome."