Forest Summit III Lecture Series   


      The 3rd in what has become an annual event, the Forest Summit Lecture Series Holyoke Community College at Holyoke, MA was held October 13-14, 2005. The event is a public service. It was sponsored jointly by HCC and ENTS. The the theme for this year was forest visions.  The line up of speakers follows, although the presentation times may be off. 

Time            Speaker            Representing
1:00PM         Gary Beluzo       HCC, ENTS
1:10PM         President HCC    HCC
1:20PM         Gary Beluzo       HCC
1:25PM         Bob Leverett     ENTS, HCC
1:30PM         Paul Pouliot       Abenaki
2:10PM         James Dimaio     DCR (state)

2:50PM Break

3:05PM         Bob Leverett      ENTS, HCC
3:45PM         Dr. Dave Foster  Harvard Forest
4:25PM         Bruce Spencer    MDC (state)

5:05:PM Dinner

7:00PM         Ehrhard Frost      Forest Stewards Guild
7:40PM         Dr. Tabor Allison   Mass Audubon
8:20PM         Dr. David Orwig    Harvard Forest
8:50pm         Sky Davis            ENTS
9:20pm         Gary Beluzo         HCC, ENTS


Time            Speaker
6:30PM        Gary Beluzo          HCC, ENTS
6:45PM        Dr. Lee Frelich      UMINN
7:40PM        Dr. Tom Diggins    Youngstown State
8:30PM        Tony D'Amato       UMASS
9:00PM        Will Blozan            ENTS
9:30PM        Gary Beluzo          HCC, ENTS

15-Oct (Field Events)

Time           Event
10:00AM     Honoring                MTSF
1:00PM       Tree Climb             ENTS


Robert T. Leverett
Cofounder, Eastern Native Tree Society