Joining NTS/ENTS

Joining the Native Tree Society/Eastern Native Tree Society is free and easy. NTS/ENTS switched in March 2010 from an older style list to a new Bulletin Board System.  New members need to simply sign up for the new BBS to join the NTS organization.  In July of 2011 the overall organization changed its' name from ENTS to the Native Tree Society to reflect a broader geographic membership and was restructured to reflect this organizational change.  The organization has two formal chapters:  the Western Native Tree Society for those people in western North America, and the Eastern Native Tree Society covering the eastern United States and Canada.  Members from elsewhere in the world are considered to be members at large to the NTS.  The single BBS Forum is for all all members of the Native Tree Society and any  member may post in any forum regardless of their geographic location.  The BBS address is:

New members and those rejoining will need to first post message in the New Users Forums, before they can post in other topics. If you post in other topics first, as a new user, you message will be sent to a moderation queue and the posts will not appear until approve until a moderator approves them. After making this first post, then members can post in any forum under any of these categories Trip Reports, General Discussions , Western native Tree Society, or Humanities without problem or moderation. All posts to the Science forums and the Project forums are moderated and must be approved before being posted. Please try to post your comments in the appropriate category.

Under the "New Member Resources" category at the bottom of the BBS index page is the forum BBS Administration - How Everything Works  In this forum are a series of discussions explaining how various things function.  The first discussion to read is one entitled How to Use This BBS . This goes over some of the basics of posting to the group. Everyone should read it if they are unsure about how a BBS works. Read it first, then if you want more information click on the FAQ link on the right side and immediately below the header of the index page. Under Board Information there also are instructions on embedding photos into a post. There also are instructions there on signing up for an RSS feed or a daily digest to have the posts to the board sent to your desktop or email.

I look forward to seeing everyone on the new BBS format discussion list.

Edward Frank