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Date: Wed, Mar 26 2008 12:21 am
From: "Edward Frank"


Did any of you happen to watch the PBS program: American Experience- Ansel Adams that was on tonight? (Perhaps not everywhere.)

Adams was one of the west's greatest photographers. At times when you look at his work you might wonder what all the fuss is about, but at other times you can see the brilliance of some of his shots. This program talked about the man and his work. It is materials such as this that allows me to have a greater appreciation of what the man has accomplished and provides a perspective on his work as it relates to myself as an individual. If you have not seen the program, I would recommend watching it. Even if you are not an Ansel Adams fan to begin with, I am sure you will be one by the end of the program. You can search for airings in your area. It can also be ordered through Amazon

on DVD for 14.99 I recorded it, but may buy the DVD anyway for the increased quality. Seeing the documentary makes me want to run out and get some of his prints. There is an article available on the web called Walking with Robert Frost which similarly inspired me to read more Frost. Another example is an article that appeared in Outside Magazine about Collin Spencer. He was the first man to hike the entire trail along the length of the Grand Canyon among others. One of the great hikers in history. The main focus of the article was that he was not dead but still active even though he dropped out of sight.

Ed Frank


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TOPIC: Ansel Adams

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Date: Wed, Mar 26 2008 1:56 pm

Good points!
By the way, I believe in the last decade or so, Collin did another Colorado River epic book, this time in a small watercraft from way up in the headwaters down to the Sea of Cortez (involved some portaging as I recall).