Tall Trees Of The World   Robert Van Pelt
  March 15, 2002 2:06 AM

Scored tied, 7-7, bottom of the ninth, full count, 2 outs...

Trees measured by direct tape drop or laser to 80 meters

HARDWOODS (all Eucalyptus)
1 E. regnans 96.5 Taz, Mount Tree, Andromeda Ridge, Styx Valley
2 E. viminalis 88.8 Taz, Sir Vim, White Knights, Evercreech reserve
3 E. delecatensis 87.0 Taz, Lower Cole, Florentine valley
4 E. diversicolor 85.0 Western Australia, Stewart Karri, near 4 aces
5 E. nitens 84.0 Victoria, O'Shanessy, Poleys Rd
6 E. globulus 80.0 Tasmania
7 E. obliqua 80?? Tasmania, Florentine Valley, Lady Benny Reserve
(will make it with some searching)

1 Sequoia sempervirens 112.5 CA, Statosphere Giant, Humboldt Redwoods SP
2 Pseudotsuga menziesii 100.3 OR, Brummitt Fir, Brummitt Creek Reserve
3 Picea Sitchensis 96.7 CA, Ravens Tower, Prairie Creek Redwoods SP
4 Sequoiadendron 95.7 CA, Kings Canyon NP, Redwood Mountain Grove
5 Abies procera 89.9 WA, Mt St Helens National Volcanic Monument
6 Pinus lambertiana 81.7 CA, Yosemite Giant, Yosemite NP
7 Abies grandis 81.4 WA, Glacier Peak Wilderness, Miners Creek